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 Income Strategy--Money Making

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PostSubject: Income Strategy--Money Making   Sat May 16, 2015 6:12 pm

**Welcome to Mosunlimited's Money Making Guide!**

Requirements and Recommendations:

1. Must have access to Miscellenia! (Completion of Throne of Miscellenia, which has other quest requirements as well.) I also reccomend doing the follow up quest Royal Trouble for more followers and access to better resources!

2. Varrock Armor reccomended! Varrock Armor of any level allows you to buy more battlestaves per day from Naff and earn slightly more profit!

3. About 1 hour of your time Smile


1.  The first thing i usually do is collect my resources from Miscellenia! You can either use the Fremmenik Province lodestone and walk to the boat to travel, or if you have completed Fairy Tale Part 2 and have fairy rings available to you you can teleport there using the fairy ring code CIP. Make sure you get your approval rating up to 100% before collecting resources. After collecting your resources you will be shown how your subjects are distributing their efforts, and the amount of money in your coffers. If your approval is at 100% your subjects will use 75k per day out of the coffers to continue their work. The best use of the subjects varies with prices but in my opinion, its best to max out mining, as coal is always in demand, and the rest i usually put into hardwood..

2.  Battlestaves! Once per day you can buy battlestaves from Naff in the Varrock Square staff store. If you wear any variation of the Varrock Armor, you can have access to more battlestaves per day Smile its only a slight profit (about 35-40k) but it does add up over time! There are other stores that sell battlestaves if you have access to them, such as Baba Yaga on the Lunar Isle, and one of the elves in Prifddinas.

3.  Feathers! Who knew these little things could be so profitable? There are several shops that sell feathers for 6gp each all around runescape! Here's a link to all the different shops! Find more info about the feathers [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] I usually grab the ones from Lumbridge, Shanty Pass, and Port Sarim, as they are all a short distance from the lodestones. While managing Miscellenia, you can also grab the feathers from the fishmongers in Miscellenia,Etceteria, and Rellekka Smile

--Bagged Plants
4.  Bagged Plant 1's! This is the most important and time consuming of the daily merching run i perform. In Falador Park there is a woman who will sell you all different types of plants that are used in the construction skill. Trade her and select buy all on Bagged Plant 1. BE VERY CAUTIOUS, as the bagged plant right beneath the one you're after is 10 times more expensive and you will lose all of your gp if you accidentally buy those instead! I recommend unequipping everything you have, as the lower your weight is, the longer you can run. Buy 28 plants each trip, bank nearby, rinse and repeat until you have all 1000. Smile

--Broad Arrowheads
5.  Broad arrowheads! These arrowheads require completion of the Smoking Kills quest. After completion you can buy Broad Arrowheads from 2 different Slayer Masters. Doesnt matter which 2 whichever is easiest for you to access! I would recommend the Taverly masters Turael/Spira, and Mazchna in Canifis as they are both close to Lodestones.

--Yak Hides
6.  Yak Hides! Another 1000/day limit from a shop but this one is also about 350k-400k profit! You should already have completed The Fremnik Isles Quests for Miscellenia, so you already have the requirements for this one Smile Head to the Fremnik Province and sail to Jatizo. Once there in the building just northwest of the bank trade Vanligga. Buy all the Yak hides that are available to you.

At the end of the day:

After you have all of the above steps completed, or once you run out of cash, head for the Grand Exchange! You will be reselling all the products from steps 1-6.

Closing Notes:

If every step has been completed properly you should be looking at a 750k-800k profit for little work! On May,15th 2015 i started with 2,637,000gp and after my merch run i ended with 3,158,000gp. Time may vary depending on your initial cash stack, and how proficcient you are during the runs. I usually get distracted but it never takes me more than an hour, so who knows? You may be able to go quicker Smile

Thanks for reading my guide and I hope you make some good money as these methods have served me well for many years in Runescape! If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message in game!

-Chroma Men-

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Income Strategy--Money Making
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