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 Clan Do's and Don't's

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PostSubject: Clan Do's and Don't's   Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:21 am


Chroma Men is a social clan, and as such has a few rules and guidelines set in place to help keep the clan comfortable for all.
Any member or possible member of the clan must read and abide the rules and guidelines listed.

1.  Anyone recruited into Chroma Men must be a courteous and respectful individual. A mandatory video call through skype or facetime must be held with a designated leader before recruiting.

2.  While anyone is welcome to guest in the clan chat, new additions to the clan may only be officially accepted by the clan's leadership.

3.  Chroma Men is a social clan, but organized events of all kinds are welcome and encouraged. Putting-down or belittling another's event is prohibited.
--- An event's creator is expected to host and lead the event. Anyone in the clan can lead an event! Have fun with it!

4.  Designated leaders will be set in place to guide PvM, PvP, general skilling, and income strategy.

5.  Scamming, swindling, luring, player killing, or other unruly conduct toward another member of Chroma Men or any of its allies is prohibited.

6.  In the clan chat, while strong and adult language will be tolerated, any belittling, harrassment, rudeness, or discriminatory language is prohibited.

7.  Leadership in the clan may adjust rank and position of any member of the clan, including banning, at his discretion in the instance of breaking a clan rule.

8.  Leadership in the clan may award promotions or awards to clanmates for any reason.

9.  Leadership in the clan is tiered; in official clan matters (e.g. meetings, instances of broken rules) a deputy owner's word supersedes that of an overseer, etc.

10. Leadership in the clan may call clan meetings at any time. A clan meeting will not be mandatory unless scheduled and announced well prior to the meeting.

11. At clan meetings, clan members are to wear and display their favorite colors and items. Have fun with it!

12. In any clan-related chat or function, general courtesy and respect for everyone must be observed.

13. Meeting the weekly citadel resource cap is required for anyone ranked lieutenant or above.

14. In Chroma Men, we strive to maintain camaraderie and friendship. Please keep personal issues out of the clan chat. If necessary, speak with a leader privately.

15. Chroma Men will always have two skype groups; One for members of the clan, and one for leadership.

16. Use of the offsite Forumotion page is mandatory for applications and viewing the rules of the clan.
--   A google doc detailing the members, ranks, and activity of the clan will be available through a link on the forums as well. Leaders are required to view and adjust the spreadsheet as necessary.

17. All of Runescape's rules must be followed.

18. Do your very best to have fun while with Chroma Men! Very Happy

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Clan Do's and Don't's
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