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PostSubject: Application   Sat Apr 25, 2015 1:26 am


**Copy this entire application and paste it as a reply in the other thread before filling it out**

Thank you for expressing interest in joining Chroma Men!

-How did you hear about Chroma Men, and why do you want to join?

-Chroma Men is a clan comprised solely of respectful and courteous men and individuals who identify as male. Will you agree to be kind and polite at all times?

-Have you read all of the rules and requirements pertinent to Chroma Men listed Here?

-Will you agree to abide the rules and requirements set for Chroma Men?

-Chroma Men tolerates adult language and conversation, but never is bullying, belittling, or other rude behavior tolerated.

-Do you understand that disciplinary measures will be taken in instances of misconduct within the clan, and agree to respect the clan's leadership's actions?

-To join Chroma Men, a leader may request to hold a video call with you, to be conducted through either Skype, Facetime, or another means to establish identity. Will you agree to hold the video call with any leader who makes the request?

-Which do you prefer between Skype and FaceTime? What is your skype username and/or iCloud username?

-Are you currently or have you recently been a part of a different clan or social group? If so, please indicate the name of the group.

-If an existing member of Chroma Men extended you an invitation to the clan, please indicate that person's name.

-What is your Runescape name?

-What is the name you prefer to be called?

-What is your age in years?

-In what languages are you fluent? (Please list them all, even if only English.)

-Do you have any special skills or areas of the game in which you are exceptionally knowledgeable? If so, what are they?

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